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Links to keep you distracted on this fine Thursday. It's almost the weekend!

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Kings of Leon's Mechanical Bull...I just can't, it's too good.
I'm on a s'mores kick after our cookout Sunday night. These s'mores put regular ones to shame, so I have to try them.
Tory Burch recently launched a home decor line. Her mildly inappropriate needlepoint pillows are cracking me up.
7 ways to use hummus. (my shameless plug for hummus and Eat Well Embrace Life). Recently, I've been using my hummus as a replacement for salad dressing.
I LOVE halloween costumes. Cute and funny, not slutty and generic. I'm dying over little kid costumes like this one, this one, and these. Now I'm making a mental note to dress my kids in them one day.
p.s. This Everygirl post on "9 Reasons to Boycott Slutty Costumes This Halloween" is so true.
An interesting perspective.
These milkshakes are just too cute. Would be a perfect way to use up leftover halloween candy next week.
xo annie