Bites of My Life

Last week was the first week in a long time I didn't have much school work. It was nice to have free time to hang out and get some things done I kept having to put to the side. One thing being blogging, it felt good getting back on a pretty regular schedule of posting. This week is very busy, but I'm making a promise with myself to post everyday. 
This week will be busy, but there is so much fun stuff going on I can't complain. There are more birthdays to celebrate (I swear everyone was born in the month of October), pumpkins to be carved and halloween parties to attend. All have to be done so I can prepare for my trip to New York next week. More on that later. 
Now for a recap of last week...
I would apologize for my overload of food pictures week after week, but food kind of takes over my life so I don't have any excuses. 

-I surprisingly made these inside out chocolate chip cookies last Monday. I say surprising because the kitchen and ingredients I had to work with were very limited. I used this recipe, but made some serious adjustments. They somehow turned out being so good!
-I got a manicure from a 6 year old last week. She was more about the rainbow look instead of picking one color.
-These bright blue corn tortilla migas with avocado cream sauce were my Sunday brunch order. It was a birthday brunch for one of my favorite people!
-"Family Dinner" round 2 happened last night. We had been planning since last week. Queso, tomato salad, my mom's chili and chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream left me in a food coma for the rest of the night. I'd share the chili recipe, but I'm not one to share secret family recipes.
xo annie