Brown Butter Whole Wheat Waffles

Attention, make these for weekend brunch, you will not be disappointed. Monday night was the first attempt at a breakfast for dinner, dinner party. The dinner party turned into a party for two with only my roommate and me, but the delicious food made up for it.

I whipped up these waffles and they could not be easier or simpler to put together. I used this tip for browning butter again which added to the simplicity. (I can't get enough of brown butter right now, or the smell it creates in my apartment) You can adapt these by putting any add-ins or toppings on you like. For my roommate it was chocolate chips added in, and for me it was a mix of raspberries and blackberries on top! I will definitely be making these again soon. The recipe is perfect for 2-3 people so double if you are making for a crowd.

This picture is actually of my leftovers I had for breakfast the next morning. They reheat perfectly in the toaster. Topped  with greek yogurt, granola, berries and a bit of honey made for a little different twist!