Birthday Wants and Wishes

I turn 20 in 11 days, but who's counting? Not me...Okay so maybe a little. I really like birthdays. I like other people's birthdays almost as much as my own. It is a day dedicated to you where you get all the attention and no one can judge you for it. For others, I love planning something special or getting the perfect gift for someone to make their day great!
Last year to ensure I had a great birthday I made my own cake. My control freak came out because I wanted it to make sure it was exactly what I wanted. It didn't turn out quite as planned so I will be redeeming myself by attempting to recreate one of Momofuku's birthday cakes. Cross your fingers it turns out!
I also like to give just a few ideas on things I would enjoy for my birthday. Let's be honest, nothing is more awkward than opening a present and having to fake you like it. Maybe that was a little bratty, but if someone asks you what you want and you don't give them any ideas that is bound to happen. Below is a little round up of what I've been wishing for. When I started listing things off to my mom the other day I think she thought I sounded like Eloise in "Eloise at Christmastime," when she unrolls her almost 100 item long christmas list and keeps adding to it. Like Eloise says, "I think it's nice to give people options!"


So maybe my list is all a little random, but I like random. 
1. After learning some of the basic tricks in Photoshop this past semester I would love to have the program in my computer to do graphic design work and really develop my blog. 
2. I am usually against Michael Kors watches because it seems like everyone and their dog has one of his watches on their wrist, but this light tan thin leather strap watch is exactly what I have been looking for. 
3. This one can be blamed on my mother. Around christmas she sent me a picture of these monogrammed stinking cute! I thought I wanted to get pink high tops and monogram them, but I don't think I could pull it off. I love the idea of preppy navy converse with a big white script monogram. Size 7;)
4. This may be the most random on the list, but it is honestly what i want the most! This little guy froths your milk so you can turn your everyday coffee into a foamy latte!
5. and 6. I need y'alls help. Which one?? I have been on the hunt for an iPad case but I can't decide.
Again these are all just ideas, but it's nice to give people options right?
xo annie