Bites of My Life

Brace yourself for a lengthy post, I am in a sharing mood and feel the need to tell you every detail about my week. 
Another great week has come and gone. Summer has been too good for me so far. I spent most of my afternoons running errands and working on some DIY's and recipes, then spent my evenings on patios enjoying the beautiful weather with friends.
The middle of the week I got to have a fun lunch with my mom and grandmother followed by some birthday shopping. J.crew is having some serious sales you must check out. 
Later in the week my family and a good friend of mine tried a new asian fusion restaurant to celebrate my sister's new job. The food was incredible and the atmosphere was very chic and modern. We started with the chicken lollipops for an appetizer, then I went with the curry salmon and chai tea moouse for dessert. I typically choose the fish dish on a menu and I love chai tea so I left a very happy camper. 
*Side note, I tried a dirty chai tea for the first time last week and it may be my new favorite drink. The name really startled my mom before she knew what it meant, but "dirty" only means adding a shot of espresso. If you haven't tried a dirty chai I highly recommend it!  
I worked all day Friday and Saturday, but Saturday afternoon we got a visit from the cutest puppy Millie. There is something about puppies that can really just turn your day around. 
Sunday consisted of making and delivering lots of homemade oreos. I made the discovery of oreos dipped in almond butter and I think it changed my life. Being allergic to peanuts I was always jealous of the scene from The Parent Trap when Annie and Hallie dip their oreos in peanut butter. The combination seems sinful. Now that almond butter has come in to my life I can pretend like it's the same thing! 
After a pleasent afternoon, Oklahoma was hit with some crazy weather and I spent a portion of the evening in a bathroom taking cover. More storms are predicted to hit today. Oklahoma weather is always keeping us on our toes. 
-best friends cheering on the Thunder
-sweetest German Sheperd, Husky, Lab mix puppy making a stop at work
-my attempt at growing fresh herbs. We will see how this goes...
-sunday night comfort food
Now for a final food recap, as if I haven't talked about food enough already. Here are the links to my recipes. Last week I made brown butter whole wheat waffles, chocolate chip cookies for two, vanilla orange biscotti, quesadillas (These actually ended up being a disaster. I filled corn tortillas with spinach and black beans, but they wouldn't crisp up. They came out of the pan a soggy mess. Although, my roommate and I ate them anyway and the flavor was actually delicious. They were almost like a flat enchilada. We quickly renamed them "quesiladas" and devoured another one). I did a remake of a chipotle rice bowl, tuna pasta salad (recipe post coming up), oreos, and ended the week with easy chicken fried rice! Having a kitchen has been my favorite part of summer I think. I am going to apologize now for the excessive foodgrams I've been posting.
I hope you guys have a great week! I start my internship tomorrow. I can't wait! Stay tuned for more recipe, DIY's and fashion posts this week!
xo annie