Paint Your Art Out

When I was seven I was convinced I would grow up to be an artist, I even dressed up as an artist for Halloween one year. Let's just say there has been a slight change of plans since then. I wouldn't say I'm not artistic, but I definitely wouldn't say I'm an artist.  
Recently, abstract paintings have been catching my eye on Pinterest. I have an itch to paint something and these are making me want to recreate one of my own. Painting a big multi-colored canvas is on the summer to do list. I think it would be the perfect addition to mix in with a gallery wall. Here a couple of images I've found for inspiration.
This DIY makes it look so simple.
I hope I'm not being naive in thinking I can paint a canvas like these, but they seem simple enough to recreate. With an abstract painting, you can't really go wrong. Simply just throw enough colors on and paint them around until you achieve something you are happy with. I need to get to painting soon and hopefully my results will be good enough to share! Stay tuned! 
xo annie