I'm pretty proud of myself for everything I've accomplished on my summer to-do list so far. A few nights ago I had nothing going on and embarrassingly found myself watching High School Music 2. I realized very quickly I needed to find something better to do. It was about 10 o'clock and it seemed like the perfect time to paint a canvas...anything besides watching HSM2. Okay so maybe I left it playing in the background. Anyway, I whipped it this abstract out in about 15 minutes and I'm pretty happy with the outcome!

You can see in the pictures below how I squirted a little bit of paint in random places on the canvas, then with my brush just spread it around to mix and give it texture. I used navy, light blue, orange, pink and light pink as the main colors. I then added a little bit of white and gold over the top, and with a paper towel gave it a sponge affect.

I've been working on a little gallery wall in my bedroom across from my bed. I already put up a couple prints I had, but I think the canvas is the perfect addition. My room, and the prints are all very light, so this creates a good focal point.

Trust me when I say anyone can paint an abstract like this. It was super and easy and you can't really mess it up.

Now I just a few more things to check off my to-do list!


Summer To-Do List

Like I mentioned yesterday, my summer to-do list has been making priority over my studying. I'm so eager for the freedom of summer to get things done I've been dying to do.
1. Number one on the list is actually make my Pinterest recipes. I look at food all day long and pin these incredible looking things, but usually never get around to making them. First up is this baked pea and proscuitto rissotto. Who wants to come over for dinner?

2. Like I've posted before, I want to paint my own abstract canvas. I saw this one on Pinterest the other day and love the mix of neon and metallic.
3. What sounds better than a Breakfast dinner party? Breakfast is my favorite meal of the day and I love a good dinner party. My three best friends and I are determined to make this happen at least a couple times this summer
4. I LOVE confetti garland and really want to master making one on my own instead of buying one. I'm sure if it turns out okay you guys will be seeing a post about it.
5. One of my sweet friend's mom has agreed to teach me calligraphy. I haven't had time until now but I am very excited to learn the skill.
6. My roommate for the summer and I decided that we are going to accomplish watching the whole series of some TV show. We are thinking either Sex and the City, Friends or Scandal. What do you guys recommend? 
7. Barre3 is my first love, but hot yoga has been all the rage amongst some of my friends. I think summer is the perfect time to try it out.
8. This is definitely the most random on the list, but I recently heard about how you can go on a tour of the Blue Bell Factory in Broken Arrow Oklahoma. Ice cream is included!
Have you made your summer to-do list yet?
xo annie

Paint Your Art Out

When I was seven I was convinced I would grow up to be an artist, I even dressed up as an artist for Halloween one year. Let's just say there has been a slight change of plans since then. I wouldn't say I'm not artistic, but I definitely wouldn't say I'm an artist.  
Recently, abstract paintings have been catching my eye on Pinterest. I have an itch to paint something and these are making me want to recreate one of my own. Painting a big multi-colored canvas is on the summer to do list. I think it would be the perfect addition to mix in with a gallery wall. Here a couple of images I've found for inspiration.
This DIY makes it look so simple.
I hope I'm not being naive in thinking I can paint a canvas like these, but they seem simple enough to recreate. With an abstract painting, you can't really go wrong. Simply just throw enough colors on and paint them around until you achieve something you are happy with. I need to get to painting soon and hopefully my results will be good enough to share! Stay tuned! 
xo annie