I Love You OKC

Two of my favorite things are happening in Oklahoma City this week. The Festival of the Arts (aka the Arts Festival) and NBA playoffs.

I can't claim myself to be a resident of Oklahoma City, but with it sandwiched between the two towns I do live in, I feel like I live there sometimes. Oklahoma City has grown into so much in the recent years, so today I want to praise one of my favorite cites and two of my favorite events going on.

First is the Arts Festival. Every year the Arts Council puts on the festival running Tuesday to Sunday. It takes over streets downtown and the newly revamped Myriad Gardens. Artists from all over set up booths, and restaurants around town provide amazing food. Its called the "Festival of the Arts," but in my book it's the Festival of the Food. Yes, the art is nice to look at, but I'm really just there for the food. I mean with Indian tacos, chocolate dipped cheesecake and Strawberries Newport to eat, I get a little distracted from the Art. I've gone every year with my family and this year I actually am volunteering. If you will be at the festival tonight, come find me at the balloon booth!

The Deven Tower proudly supporting the Thunder. Photo by Sarah Beth Hall

Second is the NBA playoffs. I think almost everyone can attribute the change we've seen in Oklahoma City to the arrival of the Thunder. They have added so much life the city. Playoffs started Sunday night and our next game is Wednesday. Fingers crossed I get to go to a game! (Daddy?)