I'm having a major camo moment right now. I love how the pattern gives off the sense of blending in while still standing out. It all started when I tried on a pair of Sanctuary pants at my new favorite store in D.C, Wink. Then I went to work the next day and my ultra fabulous boss said camo was cool, so now I think it's basically the best thing ever. 
Now that it's on my radar I have been seeing it everywhere. Lululemon even just came out with a small line of camo. I had my heart set on this pair of shorts, but I think they sold out over night. 
1. J.Crew jacket  2. Lululemon bra  3. Lululemon racerback  4. Rag & Bone top  5. Forever 21 slip-ons  6. Warby Parker glasses  7. Superga sneakers  8. Lululemon wunder unders  9. Sanctuary cargo pants  10. Loft pants 11. Asos mini skirt
Camo as we know, was a pattern made to blend in, so it goes with just about anything. I'm dying for those Sanctuary pants, mini skirt and the slip-on sneaks! 
p.s. If you still didn't know, I'm blogging at my job this summer, so you can read YoDeb! in between my gapping posts!