Besos Asos


XOXO Asos you are killing the shoe game! The targeted marketing we see now is sneaky and it works. I was sifting through pages and pages of clothes on the other day, then all of a sudden every site I visited had little sidebar and banner ads for Asos popping up. Last week on Facebook a little ad popped up in my newsfeed featuring these shoes. Wahhhhh target marketing you got me. How do you know me so well?

I just got signed up on Try so I quickly ordered them to try and I'm still deciding if I should keep them or not. Amazing and adorable-yes, practical and comfortable-no. Check out more of Asos's killer spring shoes below. At killer prices too might I add. 

I love a good impulse buy, but HELP do I keep or return?



Mark Your Calendars

Target - known as the place where you go in for a pack of paper towels and few groceries and leave with a new sweater, workout leggings, front door mat, coffee mug and the new seasonal flavor of Chobani. Essentially a death trap for your wallet. Well Target is about to put a another dent in your wallet with there new designer collection. This is just a fair warning. 
Most images via Refinery 29

Designer Adam Lippes was chosen for Target's next designer collection. Lippes got his start at Polo Ralph Lauren, then Oscar de la Renta, before starting his own collection ADAM + EVE in 2004, now known as ADAM. They challenged Lippes to create a whole collection using only buffalo check plaid. From Stacy's Pita Chip to ponchos and jogger pants, Target is about to be covered in plaid. The collection debuts in stores everywhere September 27th. 
My sights are set on the oversized sweaters and home goods. You can bet I'll be in line bright an early to storm the store. I was there at 7 AM for the Missoni and Phillip Lim collections and I'll be there for Lippes too. (Please look back at those Missoni and Phillip Lim links to see how embarrassing Kathleen and I are). 
Target hit the "bullseye" with this one, "check" it out. Okay that was one two many puns in one sentence. But really, you can view the whole collection here. Oh and p.s. Adam Lippes is pretty nice on the eyes, you can check him out here.


Wedding Weekend Wears

Wedding weekend has officially begun! I've been tackling some of my maid of honor duties like making a ribbon bouquet for the rehearsal dinner, writing a speech, accompanying to get mani/pedis (not my hardest job) and making sure I have the right thing to where to each event leading up to the big day. Again, not my hardest job. Kat makes it pretty easy. She's been so calm cool and collected through the whole thing, such middle child behavior. 
To kick off the weekend we are taking the wedding party out to the ballgame tonight, then we have the bridal luncheon, rehearsal dinner, and finally sis walks down the aisle! To celebrate accordingly, I need to make sure I'm dressed accordingly. 
My wedding looks are all along the lines of these outfits from River Island! Cut offs, graphic tee and espadrilles for the baseball game, a pink frock and color blocked heels for the luncheon and a bold print skater dress for the rehearsal. 
Now enough about the clothes and let's get this wedding party started! I'll be back Monday for a full review!

Everything's Coming Up Roses

I hate online shopping. I'm bad at it, there are too many choices and more times than not I end up spending more money having to mail something back.  I like the satisfaction of going into a store, trying something on, seeing how it fits, then purchasing something you know was worth your money.  Now that I've gone on a rant of online shopping, I have something to admit. 
I've recently been addicted to online shopping. For some reason my to-do list keeps getting overruled with sifting through Zara, Asos, Piperlime and Shopbop's newest arrivals. I blame my online classes for this. I'm always on my computer and the dumb target marketing has the cutest little dresses popping up in all my sidebars and banners. As an advertising major you would think I wouldn't fall for these tricks, but I do. I've made a few purchases here and there and now I'm on every department store's email list making it even harder to avoid online shopping when EVERYTHING IS 75% OFF is screaming at me in my emails. I can't delete the email before I see if there are any good sales, right?
Through my new hobby of online shopping, I've found some pretty cute things. Asos has been my biggest weakness because of their pages on pages of adorable and reasonably priced things. I've really been sucked in by all of the adorable floral dresses. I'm going to go ahead and make a guess that floral is big for spring, it's everywhere. Below are some of my favorites, but if you want to waste about an hour of your life, here are even more foral dresses.
clockwise from top left corner:
1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 / 7 / 8
I've ordered a few, but now starts another down side to online shopping. The wait. I'll let you know the outcome of my purchases, cross your fingers "everything comes up roses!"

I Heart U

Valentine's Day is the cutest holiday in my opinion. I've expressed my liking for this day before, but there is nothing more girly than hearts and candy and pink. Seems like the day was made for me if you asked me! Why not have a day dedicated to telling people how much you love them?
My heart starts fluttering the second the Valentine candy hits the shelves! I spent a good portion of yesterday putting together Valentines for my friends! Since I can't virtually give you all something, I've rounded up some Vday goodies and treats from around the web to show you how much I <3 U!
I propose you wake up Saturday morning and make yourself an egg in a heart. Then proceed by making one of these heart-shaped cookie trees and decorating with foil heart balloons or DIY conversation heart balloons! These pink tassel earrings and kiss kiss shirt make for the perfect Vday outfit, especially while you chow down on some xoxo brownies and valentine bark. Don't forget to send a cute card to someone you love. They would probably enjoy these chocolate heart pretzels too! Finish your day with a cup of tea in one of Ashley Brooke's "more sugar please" mugs, paired with a deceivingly healthy cupcake for a sweet ending!
Now if this wasn't enough lovey dove goodness for you, check back tomorrow for delicious #takeabite treat recipe!