Bites of My Life

After being home in OKC for 5 days I was craving to get back on schedule and in the swing of things in Dallas. Last week consisted of catching up on shows (Big Little Lies, The Bachelorette, The Hills: New Beginnings (anyone else?) and Southern Charm), dinner with a good friend, happy hour, workouts at one of my favorite spots (including their pop-up at Hotel Zaza), a pool day and back to back weekend nights out with friends. TBH I’m exhausted, but here’s to another week and the last week of July (wahhhhhhh)!


-Back on eggs around here, but only if they are pasture raised. My friend Libby wrote this post a while ago where she goes over which eggs are best.
-Remade my 2 ingredient shakshuka and shot it to put into a recipe post! Stay tuned for the details this week!
-Obsessing over this healthy and easy week night meal. Posted the recipe for this Verde Chicken + Black Bean Cauliflower Rice Bowl!
-New RX Bar alert! Chocolate Banana Walnut is like banana bread in protein bar form. I found it at my local Sprouts and need to go back to stock up.
-Steered away from food for Thursday’s post and it got an overwhelming response! Are y’all telling me something??
-Happy Hour with two friends from two different walks of life at a neighborhood spot I’d been dying to try. The $6 HH cocktail special will bring me back soon.
-A slow start to Friday morning with a DIY matcha (I’m loving this kind right now), 1/2 avo, rainier cherries and the new issue of Bon App.
-Dinner Friday with old friends at a Dallas hole-in-the-wall pizza spot. Louie’s has been featured on Diner’s Drive-Ins and Dives (yes I searched for and watched the episode before we went to dinner) and known for their thin cracker crust pizza and martinis!
-A neon spotted at a new bar on Greenville that was too perfect not to get a picture of.