Bites of My Life

I keep joking that since I’ve moved to Dallas I’m just getting fat and poor! I wish i was kidding. I’ve been on a high since I moved, but I think after 4th of July weekend I need to shift out of my “vacation” mentality when it comes to how I’m eating and spending money. All to be said, zero regrets for all the delicious food eaten, memories made, and people I’ve met because of it.

Here’s to a new month, and a short week. I’m headed back to my favorite, Washington D.C. to spend the 4th in the most patriotic place possible!

bites 307.jpg

-I caved and finally made Trader Joe’s cauliflower gnocchi! I kept it simple with tomato sauce, spinach, red pepper flakes and some nutritional yeast.
-Foxtrot: an adorable market and cafe opened down the street from me last week. Loved catching up with my good friend Shelby during their opening day celebrations.
-Spritz at Sassetta, a place high on my list. You can see my review of it and more in last week’s Top 5 places I went my second week in Dallas post.
-BFF in town for the night and she comes bearing snacks from our favorite! Maddie was in town for Dallas market to scope out new products for her jewelry line Made By Maddie. It was a quick 18ish hour visit but we made the most of it!
-God bless Texas and America! Stumbled upon the cutest patriotic house on my walk.
-LOOK at that quiche! Had such a fun brunch with a group of new friends Saturday at Mercat Bistro.
-Saturday night pizza night at Pizzaria Testa. Post-day at the pool, pre-bowling and karaoke.
-Verde Chicken Cauliflower Rice bowl for Sunday dinner. I’m finishing testing this out and then hope to post the recipe soon!
-Finally made Rachael’s Good Eats Cookie Skillet Individuals. They actually are so delicious. They aren’t a Perfect CCC by any means, but for a healthier sweet treat, these do the trick.


Need a 4th of July bite? These are a must and this is a favorite salad that is perfect for a cookout!