6 Money Saving Tips

  1. Make coffee at home or at the office. This pops up on about every list, but it’s for good reason. Coffee shops jack up the price on even a single bag of tea. If you crave a latte or matcha, spend a little money on the front end buy buying a milk frother and/or fancy kinds of milk or flavorings to save money on the back end.

  2. Work a few shifts at your favorite workout studio. Studio fitness is expensive, there is no good way around it. Most studios have front desk positions or I know some yoga studios that allow you to clean the room in exchange for free classes. I’ve taken on two (very) early morning shifts at my favorite pilates studio. I work before my day with my full-time job starts, I get to work out for free and bonus, get paid some extra cash!

  3. Samples. Ha, I can’t believe I’m writing this but it is one of my pro tips. I’m a sucker for free samples. They are one of my ultimate guilty pleasures. Sometimes when hunger strikes in the afternoon and I need a little snack, I make a round at Eatzi’s, Central Market or Whole Foods for a few free samples. I then walk out of the store with a look on my face like “darn, you didn’t have what I needed,” and leave without purchasing anything. This isn’t the most morally correct advice, but I spend enough money at grocery stores, I feel fine about swiping some few samples here and there.

  4. Attend free events. If you live in a big city there are free events happening everywhere you turn. Especially this time of year. Christmas lights will be going up soon and you can’t put a price on driving around looking at lights (for free!!). Bonus if you make hot chocolate at home to take with you instead of spending $6 at Starbucks. Check with your local Lululemon, Athleta or Outdoor Voices and see if they are putting on free workout classes. Or check your city guides/websites for a list of events. In Dallas, I stalk Dallasites 101’s Instagram and subscribe to their newsletter to get info on fun and free events going on around me! And bonus, often when you attend these kinds of free events, they are typically handing out other freebies or swag of sorts!

  5. Drink at home. Ordering drinks at dinner automatically doubles or triples your tab. Try inviting friends over for a glass of Two Buck Chuck at your house before then head to dinner out. I also got in a habit of ordering a Topo Chico while on Whole30. Since you can’t drink on W30, I would eat out and still want a little something with my meal. Ordering sparkling water still has a cost attached to it, but it’s much cheaper than a cocktail.

  6. Join me in No Spend November. I need accountability, so I’m asking you to join me in a no spending month. NSP excludes groceries, a few meals out (aiming for only 3 a week) and holiday shopping for others. I have officially deleted the Amazon app off my phone (my kryptonite), I’m not allowing any retail purchases to be spent on myself, and trying to limit my eating/drinking out to only a few times a week. Will you join me?

Do you have any budget saving tips? Any and all are welcome, let me know!