Bites of My Life

Halloween, check! Now bring on the TURKEY!!!! Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. I’m currently in OKC for a quick work trip, and my family spent part of yesterday planning out our Thanksgiving menu. Truly the best time of the year!


-I tried Culina plant-based yogurt for the first time this week and me-oh-my it’s so good! TBH it’s really expensive for yogurt, but worth the splurge here and there.
-Got a little crafty Monday night and was quickly reminded how much I love to use my hands. Felt good to make something while watching TV, instead of scrolling Instagram all evening.
-First oatmeal of the season! Pumpkin for Halloween of course!
-Creepy crawly CCCs for Halloween + 11 other festive recipes!
-Does anyone else serve their chili over rice? This was new to me, but when a friend made chili for a group on Halloween, he served it over rice. And I approved. Seems strange, but works.
-Friday afternoon remote working at one of my favorite places, Royal Blue!
-If you follow me on Instagram, you saw the tortilla chip saga last week. Tortilla chips are my kryptonite. 5 chips leads to 50 far to fast, anyone else?
-I got to be in a really fun fitness shoot Saturday afternoon. Post-shoot meant beers and cheese fries ;)
-Blondes + Marge!
-I started this book yesterday and already halfway done. It’s short essay style, my favorite and too relatable.
-CHEEEEEEESE with my best girl Elle!
-In OKC for a very quick work trip, but got to squeeze in a belated birthday dinner for my mom. Dinner was at my favorite, Cheever’s, which also meant finishing the meal with the best brandy ice in OKC!