Goodbye To You

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Michelle Branch said it best when she sang, "Goodbye to you, Goodbye to everything that I knew." Goodbye Take A Bite. It's been a stellar 5 years in this corner of the internet with you.

Today is my last day posting at Take A Bite. It took some serious thought and something I have gone back and forth on, then back and forth again, but I'm finally at peace with my decision to close the door on my little food blog.  

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I've loved sharing recipes, bites of my life and the occasional fashion inspo post, but after five years I'm saying goodbye to you. 

I hope you understand. I hope you enjoyed the past few years. I hope you were able to make a couple of my recipes. I hope you still come back and visit (the site isn't going anywhere despite my posting coming to a halt). I hope you still following my life happenings on social media. I hope you keep on taking bites.

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And I hope you aren't too distracted with all the Easter shenanigans to remember that it is also April 1st.  

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Happy April Fool's Day! TAB ain't going no where!! ;) 


photos by KGC Photography