Bites of My Life

Dove head first into the new month with a week and weekend filled with too much fun. I'm pointing fingers at this being my birthday month as the reason why. So much delicious food, made and eaten, drinks with friends, new and old, gorgeous weather, long sunny days and and a major feeling of summer creeping in. 

-Used my archived Cauliflower Crust Pizza recipe to make this pizza pie last Monday. Turned out better than I remembered, a post update is in the works. 
-A healthy dinner followed but an unhealthy amount of vegan cookie dough...this stuff is amazing (found at Whole Foods).
-The Moscow Mule adventure I mentioned before, went full speed last week. We tried out three more places and IMO mine is still the best!
-I have a friend who has me hopping on the oil train. Swapping real lemons for lemon oil in my morning hot water.
-Have you made the basil vinaigrette I posted last week? If not you are mistaken. I topped my cauliflower crust pizza and salads with it. 
-Last week's recipe post looking prettier than ever. 
-The last key lime pie recipe you need, coming this week.
-Scenes from cinco. 
-Not embarrassed at all to admit I went to En Croute 3 times in 24 hours over the weekend. Our new-ish little neighborhood french bistro has me smitten. 
-When you get to be wedding dates with one of your besties!
-The best time of year!!!
-Turkey burger night round two with my favorite people (my parents).