Bites of My Life

This past weekend is one of my favorite weekends in Oklahoma City. The Festival of the Arts comes to town and the Memorial Marathon is run on Sunday. It's always the last weekend in April, and it's always full of fun activities. You would think the last weekend in April would mean sunny spring weather, but we had buckets of rain and fridged temperatures. I'm ready for some May sunshine!

-My friend Malory posted this salad on her instagram and I enjoyed it all week. My version was spring greens, shredded chicken, dried cranberries, slivered almonds, bosc pears, green onions and a dijon vinaigrette.
-Turkey burger Monday with mom, dad and sis. So ready for summer food!
-I have a sensitivity to caffeine, so when we had a coffee tasting at work you can imagine the jitters I felt all day. Pictured here: our dirty chai. 
-Breakfast pizza coming to the brunch menu at The Jones Assembly.
-Felt like an oxymoron drinking my green smoothie out of a beer glass.
-The Malory Salad was on repeat all week!
-So many tastings for The Jones Assembly last week to get ready for our June opening, but nothing can beat our Steak Frites. 
-The Festival of the Arts is just as much about the culinary arts as it is the artists. The Beef & Blue Sandwich won best in show in my opinion!
-Made my M&M Cookie Pizza for Kathleen and John's housewarming party. What you can't see here is that I accidentally doubled the ended up being just fine and gave it that "melt in your mouth" taste!
-25,000+ people ran in the OKC Memorial Marathon, but we all woke up at 6am to see Maddie run the half in less than 2 hours! 
-After walking up abnormally early for a Sunday to watch the marathon, I had a long nap back in bed then a slow day reading some of my book and snacking on my faves. 
-Made a batch of What's Gaby Cooking's Basil Vinaigrette. I have lot's of plans for this stuff, stay tuned!