Bites of My Life

I had to dig to pull this bites post together. When I sat down to compile pictures for this post I had about a 100 photos for work and 100 photos of the roasted chicken I made last night. Yet nothing in between. I guess that does go to show a little bit of what my week looked like. I haven't talked much about my job, but I'll tell you it involves a lot of social media, a lot of restaurants, currently a lot of tacos and the past few weeks, a lot of hours. I'm pooped. But today we celebrate, because one corner of my job includes the grand opening of this.

Outside of work and getting as much sleep as I could sneak in, there were fantasy suite dates and men tell all viewing parties, (#teamjordan or #teamrobby? I'm #teamshedoesn'tpickeither), a going away party for my soon to be NYC friend, Jason Bourne and an evening in the kitchen getting ready for this.

-What too many of my meals looked like last week and will most likely be in the coming weeks.
-Killer combo: protein powder, almond milk, drop of vanilla extract, cinnamon and all the frozen berries you have!
-Another aspect of my job includes taste testing for a new gig coming this fall.
-My job sucks if you couldn't tell ;)
-This corn salad. It's everything. Recipe here.
-Haphazard brekkie of sliced apples with cinnamon, cashew butter and tahini drizzled over it.
-I'm not a sandwich gal typically. Yesterday I craved a sandwich. Here's to sandwiches I guess. 
-Can check roasting a whole chicken off my cooking bucket list now!
-Roasted broccolini and sweet potatoes for throwing on salads or eating as sides this week.