Bites of My Life

A busy week, but well worth it. When I was younger, I used to kind of like to be bored. I would spend hours on end watching TV wasting away summer days (My mom is probably dying that I'm admitting this). Now I can't sit still for more than 30 minutes. Even if I'm watching TV, I'm usually also blogging, online shopping, instagramming or something else to multitask my time. When I'm on a walk I have to listen to music or a podcast, when I'm cooking I usually have the TV on or a Netflix show playing on my computer. I blame part of this on my generation of always having to be stimulated, but I also blame myself. 

I can't stand to be bored now. I think this is more a good thing though. All of this is coming back to how I had a busy week last week. It was full of family dinners, work events and parties, but ended with a weekend at the lake with some of my best friends. As I've gotten older I've realized I'll take being busy over being bored any day. Are you a bored or busy person?

-Barre3 in the Park is easily one of my favorite summer activities and a perfect start to the week!
-The week was full of work events, but when food is involved I find it hard to call it work. 
-Seeing this pic again from last week's recipe for Vanilla Bean Ice Cream has me seriously drooling.
-Crafted up lavender oatmeal and can't stop thinking about it. 
-Welcome to OKC 21C! Loved getting a peek at my city's swanky new hotel and restaurant. 
-I'm a sucker for party hors d'oeuvres. I made a few too many trips to the charcuterie board... 
-5 years later and we are all back at the lake together!
-High school lives on.
-Turmeric and cumin roasted cauliflower. Flavor game strong. Recipe on my insta.