Bites of My Life

I'm writing this as I drift off into a NyQuil induced slumber, so please ignore any run-ons or grammar errors. A little cold decided to come hang out with me this week, it was uninvited. It's time it leave the party because I want to be on my A-game for a very anticipated trip this coming weekend. I am headed back to D.C!!!! A full D.C. Diary post to be expected next week recapping the week.

-Snuck half the batch of these turkey meatballs I made a few weeks back in the freezer. I love having them to pull out for an unexpected satisfying dinner.
-Pulled out this recipe from the TAB archives. I'm working on remaking old recipes to give them some 2016 life!
-Last weeks work was fueled by Elemental Coffee's chai tea latte. 
-Have you tried the new siggi's seasonal flavor? Strawberry basil!!
-My OKC guide is revamped and up to do date.
-Lunch with mom typically means at least one of us is ordering a taco salad. We both pulled the plug this time. 
-Breakfast with dad on Saturday morning like the old days! We used to get up real early on Saturdays and go try different spots, just the two of us while the rest of the family was still sleeping.
-If I'm not going to drink my calories on the weekend, I fully plan on indulging, by eating them instead.
-Father's Day pie was a huge success. The crust, the filling, the flavor; an all around win!