Bites of My Life

I think October may rival to be one of my favorite months. The season really starts to set in, the weather actually starts to change and the month kicks off the holiday season. In saying that, this weekend indeed kicked off what is to be some good weeks ahead...I can feel it. 

My dearest sweetest best girl Katie got married and I was lucky to have a small part in her day. A gorgeous (unheard of) night, weather wise, set the tone for her big day. We drank, ate and danced the night away. The next day I spent lounging, lounging and some more lounging on the couch with family, friends, football and Chinese food. Then ended the weekend with a homemade pizza party. Let's go October!

-Crushing so hard on this salad right now. I've eaten it five times in the past week. You have to try it!
-My favorite lunch that keeps making an appearance.
-New BA and BC on the TV. Perfect afternoon!
-When you wear a royal blue jumper thinking you'll be "different." I guess great minds think alike!
-The day finally came for KG's wedding. She, it and everything was perfect! #Katiegotbax
-I've waited years for Starbucks almond milk. It's here and it's everything. 
-Obligatory pumpkin patch picture. 
-Whipping my front porch into shape for October. 
-It was a grilled pizza showdown for Sunday supper! Kathleen and John, Mom and Dad and myself were all responsible for our own pizza toppings. I think mom and dad won...