Bites of My Life

Typically coming off a holiday I always feel a little sad and a case of post-holiday depression. Although, I love this time of year because after one holiday there is another around the corner to get excited for. Trees and lights going up, Christmas hymns at church and Christmas movies on tv, festive food and lots of friends and family time. There just isn't that much not to love about this time of year. 

Yes there is the stress from all the hustle and bustle, but there is too much good and cheer to let it get me down. Yes mom, I'm still mad you had the tree delivered instead of letting us go out to the tree farm to pick it up, but getting to hang up all of my homemade kindergarten ornaments with you made it a little better.

-Kale, Quinoa and White Bean Stuffed Acorn Squash recipe up last week and leftovers on repeat.
-This combo never gets old.
-Roommate date with this picnic plate from Packard's.
-These scones. Just wait.
-I've had a bottle of Trader Joe's red curry sauce in my pantry forever. Finally used it up to make some amazing chickpea curry.
-After a full day of work, Saturday night was spent unwinding doing my favorite thing.
-Spent Sunday afternoon touring the most quaint houses in one of my favorite OKC neighborhoods.
-Their houses Christmas decorations made it even better, like this adorable chalkboard wall ready for Santa to come down it's imaginary chimney. 
-Dad killed Sunday Supper with these braised eggs and lamb. We licked the whole pan clean with big pieces of naan that now I'm mad we didn't leave any leftovers.