Bites of My Life

Dog days of summer, what does this really mean? I used the phrase today and Lindsay and I both agreed we didn't even know what it means...besides belting it alongside Florence + The Machine. The phrase comes from describing the hot, sultry parts of summer with little activity. I wouldn't say I'm quite in the dog days of summer but I can feel things slowing down and changing a bit. People are heading back to school, the 100 degree temps are decreasing and the feeling of fall is creeping in. I'm not ready to let go of summer!!
Last week I had a meeting about shoes, you can't even call that a meeting. More on that later. I ate s'mores and more s'mores, snuck back down to Norman for my first time as an alum, slurped down a new smoothie recipe, caught up with some of my oldest friends, brunched and said bye to the best summer roomie, and baked and baked to round out the weekend. Get ready for the sugar overload this week. 
-Almond milk green tea latte, I can't get enough. 
-I'm a sucker for made up national holidays #NationalSmoresDay
-Strawberry Fig and Almond Butter smoothie recipe is up!
-First date with tempeh and it was good enough for a second. Cooked up with pesto zoodles.
-Love the people weddings bring back together. Felt like we were back in 4th grade!
-Brunch > Lunch.
-Sunday baking day, up first salted caramel fig blondies (recipe to come!)
-Balanced out all the sugar with a big batch of asian sautéed brussels!
-Up next, strawberry shortcake cookies.  I'm going to have some happy co-workers this morning!