Bites of My Life

Why do weekends have to come to an end. The weekend of all weekends has now come and gone. Sister walked down the aisle Saturday night and I couldn't stop smiling. People kept commenting how much I was cheesin' standing up next to her, but I couldn't help it! We've dreamed of this moment since we were little chickens and then all of a sudden it was happening! 
Mom and I went on a walk last night and ran into some neighbors. We recapped the wedding then the wife said, don't you just feel so blessed with weddings? Yes! I've never been surrounded by more friends and family, I've never danced so hard, I've never had so much fun and it was all to celebrate my sis and new brother-in-law! 
-The fruit in my water ain't stopping! Lemons and raspberries to make me feel fancy.
-First meal cooked in the new house, a version of these brussels sprout and black bean tacos.
-I've perfect the perfected green smoothie, recipe post coming tomorrow!
-Coconut green tea in the cutest packaging. Found at none other than Target!
-The wedding festivities commenced with a night out at the OKC Dodgers game with the whole wedding party.
-The sweetest garden party bridal luncheon.
-Surprised the bride and groom with this "accurate" little cake topper.
-Last true #TuckerTime picture!
-A barbecue rehearsal dinner, cause everyone wants to chow down on pork and mac and cheese before their wedding.
-My sister is actually a model. 
-One of my favorite moments of the night, the father daughter dance. A true Father of the Bride moment. 
-And just like that we have a brother!
If only we could have a family wedding every weekend. I can't help but think I really hit the jack pot with this fam of mine. The moment it hit me was when my mom, dad and sisters and I were on the stage dancing in front of everyone to Play That Funky Music. It doesn't get better than that.