What I Learned in College

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With only two weeks until graduation, I've been doing a lot of thinking and reflecting on my past few years. There have been sad tears and happy tears. I've learned a lot and grown so much. For those who's college career is just starting, listen in. 

1. Buy an external hard drive. I had a super close call last winter finals week. I had my whole capstone presentation saved on my computer as well as study guides for my exams when I decided it would be a good idea to update my computer. Instead of the update crashing my computer it gave me a notice saying my hard drive would fail in the next few days. I jumped in my car at 8:30 on a Monday and sped to Best Buy to buy an external hard drive before I lost everything. I now have a calendar reminder to backup my computer on the first of every month to avoid close calls like that again. I know too many people who have lost everything because their hard drive failed. 
2. Invest in a planner, calendar or download Evernote on your computer/phone. In college you are thrown into a much more mature version of school. Teachers aren't responsible for reminding you of tests and assignments coming up, you just have to know. I'm a traditionalist and love my planner but Evertnote has recently changed my life.
3. Make a plan for your day the night before. I'm so much more productive when I wake up and know exactly what I need to get done that day. Nothing is worse than lolly gaging around all day then realizing that night all that you were supposed to do. Plus checking things off a to-do list just feels so good. 
4. Learn to say no. Saying no is okay. FOMO is a big thing in college. There is always something fun going on or something you would rather be doing. It's important to know how to say no and be responsible with what you should really be doing with your time. 
5. It's okay to go to bed at 10:00 p.m. (or sometimes earlier). I'm a huge early to bed, early to rise person. I used to get self conscious that I was missing out, but then I quickly realized I would much rather be sleeping than anything else. Sleep is the number one thing you need in college, don't let it go to the bottom of your to-do list.
6. All nighters are in no way productive. On the note of sleep, don't think just because you go to college you have to pull an all nighter. Sleep before a test is especially important. Even if you are down to the wire and need to cram, just go to sleep. You won't retain whatever you tried to study at 4 am. Fun fact I've never pulled an all nighter.
7. Don't have beginning of seamster freak outs. I was notorious for this. At the beginning of every semester I freak out and panic about everything I have going on that semester. I contemplate dropping a class, second guess my part time job etc. I end up laughing at myself a few weeks later when I realize how manageable things are, it just takes a few weeks to get in a new routine.
8. Stay in the word to help keep you on track. Faith and fellowship is so important to help you through your years in college. I love this site for daily devos.
9. You're GPA doesn't define you or really matter. Learn a lot but most importantly get experience. Through all the interviews I've done recently, no one has ever asked for my transcript or GPA. They want to know what work experience and skills you have, not what grade you got in your history class.
10. Invest in a few good professional clothing items. Whether it be for an interview of a class presentation "business causal" clothes are always a good staple to have. Everyone can tell if try to make your tight black going out skirt professional by throwing an oversized blazer with it. Trust me it's not a cute look.
11. Drinks with fancy names give you a headache the next day, keep it simple. Just saying.
12. Graduation is harder and sadder than you could even think. This is my current realization. You may get to the end of the road and think you are ready for it, but nothing can prepare you for how you will feel. Soak it all up in those last few weeks.