Bites of My Life

Oh boy am I happy to move forward into spring. After multiple rounds of winter weather, I could care less that I lost an hour of sleep Sunday night if it meant enjoying two more hours of sunlight in the evening. This is one of the best times of year in my opinion. Although, this time it's starting to feel very different. 
We have one week of school, then next week is spring break, then I graduate in less than two months. This set in heavy over the weekend and I'm starting to get sentimental. Every new season brings change. I thought I was ready for this change, but I'm quickly realizing I'm not as prepared as I thought. A huge life change of living in a new city, not being around the same people everyday and starting a new job in the real world is happening whether I'm ready or not. 
-Awesome lunch trying out a new sushi spot. I can honestly admit I chose my roll based on it looking like a caterpillar...I'm five. 
-A night of baking with some of my favorite people. We made these super easy neapolitan cupcakes by just layering chocolate and vanilla cake batter and topping with strawberry frosting!
-Cross your fingers this was our last round of winter weather. I don't mind the snow days off from school, but I'm ready for some serious spring temperatures!
-My sorority philanthropy is all about the cupcakes! I love scouring Pinterest weeks in advance to plan what recipes I'm going to make. These mini lavender cupcakes and a recipe for lemon blueberry cupcakes are to come this week!
-I used some of my leftover lavender to make this amazing berry lavender smoothie. I'm on a lavender kick and you guys are about to reap the benefits. 
-A serious craving for a local breakfast spot was cured on Friday! Huevos Rancheros and hash browns really got my weekend going. 
-Happend to make a trip to Whole Foods on the perfect day and at the right time. Y'all know I love free samples and they had a whole spread of street food out front!
-Got all dolled up for a great Saturday night, but first mom and I had to pull out the pre-party cheese!
-Such a great weekend with my best of friends, but quickly realized we only have 7 weeks left all together.