Bites of my Life

The months and weeks and days that lead up to Christmas are all gone. Christmas is a bittersweet holiday. All the joys it brings are so quickly over after just one day. 
Catching up with friends new and old, scarfing down multiple scrumptious eats and treats, putting the finishing touches on holiday traditions, then rounding it out with Jesus' birthday!
The countdown to 2015 is short and it's mind blowing to recap my year, sifting through the ups and downs, the joys the triumphs, the success the failures and the ends and beginnings. Here's to the last bite of 2014!
-A much needed catching up dinner with the people I've known since elementary school!
-Breakfast at one of my favorite spots.
-Ready to dive into this perfect gift from my boss. 
-Christmas morning bliss!
-My signature sugar cookies in their best Christmas form!
-Holidays are about the food right?
-Oklahoma got a dusting of white. This made saying goodbye to Christmas a little easier.
-An afternoon sip with dad trying out a new spot.
-A beautiful winter wedding with one of the sweetest of sweet families.