Abbey's Irish Coffee

If you follow me on Instagram, you've probably seen me post about these irish coffees. A few weeks ago we got our first really big cold front in Oklahoma. I think I ate chili and soup for every meal that week and had about 10 cups of tea. For a little warm fuzzy, my roommate Abbey texted our roommate group text saying she was on her way to the grocery store to get the things to make irish coffee. None of us complained, but instead hurried home. 

We might have made the coffee a leeeeetle strong the first go-around, I mean my hands were shaking after a few sips, but I still drank it to the last drop! The warm cup of coffee mixed with Baileys and sweetened with brown sugar makes for the most delicious winter happy hour drink!  

Abbey's Irish Coffee
recipe per cup of coffee

1 cup of coffee
2 Tbsps. Baileys Irish Cream
1-2 tsps. brown sugar (depends on how sweet you like your coffee)
whipped cream*
chocolate shavings

Brew a cup of coffee, stir in Baileys and brown sugar. Top with whipped cream and using a zester, shave chocolate over the top to garnish! 

*I suggest Reddi-Whip. Just give in and buy the cream-in-a-can. You know you love it plus who doesn't love spraying whipped cream directly into their mouth?

Silly Annie, I really skimped on the whipped cream in this one. Abbey's Irish Coffees are best served with whipped cream piling out of the cup and lots of chocolate shavings! And don't forget to #takeasip!