Bites of My Life

The holiday season just really is the best time of the year. All the food and events and time with friends and family can seem cliche, but it's always such a joyous time! I thought I wasn't ready to go home, but the second I unloaded my car I was in full Thanksgiving mode! Kathleen was home, Claire and her boyfriend Mike got in late Tuesday,  and the whole fam was back together until mom woke up Wednesday really sick. 
Dad, sisters, the boys and I had to go into full feast takeover. I'm pretty proud to say we cooked the whole Thanksgiving meal by ourselves beside what mom had gotten done earlier that week. I even made the gravy which is always the most intimidating dish to make and I think it was the best ever. *pat on back. Poor mom barely got to eat any Thanskgving food, but we ate enough for her too! 
The feasting obviously didn't end, because my family's form of entertainment is cooking or eating. More meals, some shopping, a thunder game, a night out with my sisters, trying a new restaurant and one last brunch summed up the weekend. 
-An almost end of the semester celebration!
-A little rum in pumpkin pie never hurt anyone.
-Roasted asparagus, crispy prosciutto and a fried egg with hollandaise. Saw Ina cook up this meal last week and knew I had to make it for my foodie fam. 
-Onion burger and a Pumpkin Pie shake from the burger place in town I like to pretend is name after my family. 
-Festive deviled eggs made by my cousin!
-Amazing smoked salmon dip to snack on before the feast. 
-Claire and I perfecting our apple pie yet again!
-The most colorful Thanksgiving plate. 
-The sweetest card from Kathleen asking Claire and I to be her maid of honors!
-A holiday isn't complete with a friendly game of Scattergories.
-BCLT with egg added on at The Mule with a side of rings. As if Thanksgiving didn't leave me in a food coma already. 
-Finally popped into Sara Kate Shoppe. I love store displays at Christmas. 
-The best few days with these people.
-A successful night of thundering up.
-Meatballs a la Pizzaria Gusto. Amaze new restaurant in OKC. 
-Poached eggs over grilled polenta and tomato sauce from Stella. Hard to say it because I don't have a number one favorite restaurant, but Stella is really high up there. 

The crazy thing is, is in a week and a half I'll be done with school for the semester. It's crack down time for final presentations and finals. Wish me luck.