A Bag and A Bargain

Oh buck it, I'm in a frenzy over bucket bags. After getting the reassurance from my fashion guru sisters that bucket bags really are cool, I've become even more fancied by them. Mansur Gravriel (still working on figuring out how to pronounce that one) has taken the lead in making bucket bags cool again. They are taking over the blogshpere, but their price tag is a little out of reach.
1. Mansur Gavriel bucket bag 2. Old Navy bucket bag 3. Kate Spade Saturday grommet bucket bag 4. Madewell layfayette bucket bag 5. GiGi New York bag
One of my new favorite purse brands, GiGi New York, makes a great bucket bag too, and at a step down from Mansur in the price department. I had settled on thinking I wanted to scoop up the GiGi navy bucket bag, until...Old Navy swooped in with a bargain.
I had seen this bag on Perennial Style's Instagram and when I realized it was from Old Navy and only $29.94 I couldn't pass it up. Let's be honest, bucket bags probably won't be cool in six months so why pay a hefty price. When I went into Old Navy two days ago to pick up my bag, I got to the register to find it on sale for $16. Yes, you heard me, $16. The dark forest green color and the subtle pebbled leather have me swooning over my bargain bag! I'm bringing buckets back and at a bargain price!