Bites of My Life

Post-ACL weekend and Pre-OU/Texas weekend caused for catching up and keeping up. It was a short week so it went by fast. I headed home Thursday night instead of going straight to Dallas because big sis Kathleen got ENGAGED!! We are all so excited! 
Mom and Dad and I woke up early the next morning to head to D-town. Before meeting up with my friends, I held back to make a stop at Zara (holy amazing right now). While we were there I got an email that my ACL food article was now live on Spoon University. I had been working the past few days on getting it published and it was so fun to see it up on the main site!
Spoon University is a website for college foodies. They cover everything from hot local restaurants and dining hall hacks to two-ingredient treats and tips on avoiding hangovers. Spoon is made up of student contributors across the country. They have individual college pages and a national page. Read my Eating My Way Through ACL post here!
-Roasted corn, peas, brussels sprouts and butternut squash topped with a dollop of pesto and greek yogurt. I'm a huge frozen vegetable fan, so I use this method all the time to cook up a quick dinner or lunch. 
-A pink smoothie before all the carbs and fried food during OU/Texas weekend. Beets and strawberries gave it that pretty pink color!
-The first Tucker sister is finally ENGAGED! Congrats Kathleen and John! I can't wait to co-wedding plan;) We were so excited we had to get froyo to celebrate!
-Finally in Texas for the weekend and since the game is played at the fair you can't go through the day without getting a Fletcher's corny dog. I seem to be a creature of habit because I have almost identical Instagrams from this year and last. 
-The crazy fried food ideas they come up with never size to amaze me. I saw a guy order the Fried Frito Chili Pie, and I couldn't help but ask if I could snap a pic. I actually think that sounds amazing, the guy thought it was sub par. 
-My annual fried fair food purchase is the Fried Pumpkin Pie. Inside is pumpkin, cream cheese & pumpkin seasoning, sandwiched between two ginger spice cookies, dipped in funnel cake, batter rolled in a mixture of ground cookies, powder sugar & pumpkin seasoning, then served with fresh whipped cream. I swear by it and it made it on Thrillist's, Best Fair Food at the Texas State Fair.
-My last OU/Texas weekend as a student was as perfect as can be! An OU win helped too!
-A Texas shape and sized waffle to send us off back to Oklahoma Sunday morning. 
-Detox time round two after two foodie weekends. Quinoa fried rice for dinner and green smoothies for breakfast this morning.