Bites of My Life

First week of school, check. I've decided I have a love/hate relationship with the so called "syllabus week." It's nice not having much going on in my classes yet, but I feel scrambled and unorganized at the same time. I'd rather just get right into things and know the groove of my classes. 
Lot's of cooking, baking, crafting and celebrating went down last week. Finished up the first week of school with a date party and amazingly delicious dinner with good friends. The agenda for this week has a recipe post everyday, one even being a guest post, the first game day and a long weekend! 

-Best afternoon snack-cut up an apple and microwave for 20 seconds. Sprinkle with cinnamon and eat with a spoonful of almond butter.
-Played mom and made treats for my kids (friends) as an after school snack! Recipes coming up this week!
-Sat back and got to enjoy yummiest green verde enchiladas cooked by my besties.
-A little homemade birthday sign to get the house in the sprit for Abbey's 21st! DIY post to come. 
-You may think it looks disgusting or you may think it looks amazing. If you think amazing then you are on my side and I can attest that it was. Weird combos are my mantra. Vanilla greek yogurt, avocado, dried apricots and crushed pistachios. 
-Sbabby Abbey roomie turns 21!
-Pretty lunch of tomatoes, raspberries, feta, avo and leftover chicken. 
-A cone the size of my face that I ate before we got halfway down the street.
-My favorite new dinner dish. Tilapia foil packets filled with veggies and lots of flavor, expect a recipe post on this little gem too.
-Delivery from my one of my favorite people from my favorite place! Anxiously awaiting the new location to open!
-Spinach dip and a Pimm's cup followed by the most delicious Quinoa bowl at Scratch on Saturday. Scratch just re-became my favorite restaurant in little ole Norman. 
-Another day another far from boring salad. Got this pea, prosciutto, poached egg idea here.