Bites of My Life

After celebrating Take a Bite's 1st birthday, cooking with one of my sweetest friends and finally finishing a 12-page paper that was hanging over my head, it was homeward bound for Easter weekend.
I love a good holiday weekend, and what a great weekend it was. I mentioned last week how we are moving, so it was fun cherishing our last holiday at the Edmond house. Between the cooking and eating (typical) we started the dreaded process of packing. Packing always takes longer than you think it should. It was the discovery of old birthday cards, yearbooks, and remnants of my high school headband business (RIP annebands) that got me hung up reminiscing on old memories.
If you follow me on insta you probably saw my obnoxious "eat, wear, make, do" pictures to follow up with my post from Friday. For all you lucky ones who didn't follow my documentation, here are my Easter weekend bites of everything I accomplished!
-|Do| Rise & Dine Barre3 class with momma on Saturday morning. The class included goodie bags, complimentary B3 approved breakfast from Cafe 501 and a beautiful morning for a workout outside. 
-|Eat| Orange and Olive Oil Coffee Cake. The original plan was to use blood oranges, but after searching four grocery stores to find out they are out of season, I had to alter the recipe. The cake turned out amaze so look forward to a yummy recipe post coming up later this week!
-|Make| Coloring eggs is a long standing tradition that almost got booted this year because we were too lazy to make the mess that comes with dying eggs. Kathleen had heard of a way where you use shaving cream and food coloring. We mixed them together then rolled the egg around in the shaving cream to color them. After drying over night we washed the shaving cream off and it worked! Mess free and cutie colorful Easter eggs!
-|Wear| Traditional Easter outfit snapshot outside before church. 
This week will start the final stretch of school, involve lots of cupcakes (more on that later) and welcome the beginning of tornado season! You probably think I'm joking, but I actually love a good serve thunderstorm!