Explore Guthrie

Guthrie, Oklahoma is a small town about 30 minutes outside of the big city. Guthrie got put on the map after they hosted Mumford and Son's Gentleman of the Road tour last fall. Since then, in my eyes, Guthrie has been sprucing themselves up a bit. 
Last friday night my parents and I went on an adventure to Guthrie. I had been dying to try Union Tacos which is a new restaurant in Guthrie's historic district. 

Union Tacos was delicious to say the least. They are still new and working out a few kinks, but the fresh chips and roasted salsa kept me happy. They use all local Oklahoma products and change their menu around daily. They have a few starters, sides and five rotating entrees. 
We ordered the chimichanga filled with beef barbacoa and pinto beans then slathered in queso (pictured above), the lamb and potato galette and the orange and cumin scented pork tamale. Guacamole and more of their amazing chips rounded out our meal. 
I recently gave up chips and queso for lent, but I graciously chowed down on chips and guac. I highly recommend their guacamole. My parents harassed me for indulging in the chimichanga and galette, both of which were covered in queso, but I assured them that I wasn't eating "chips and queso" the queso was more of a garnish. They saw it more as a failed attempt to get around the idea of lent.

After dinner we did some exploring around the historic town that was originally they first capitol of Oklahoma. We then stopped at Hoboken Coffee Roasters. This is another spot I had been waiting to try! Mom got a chai and I got a french press, Dad had to opt out of anything involving caffeine. 
The coffee shop is located in an old garage space right next to the Guthrie high school baseball and football fields. Not only do they serve amazing coffee, they also roast all their own beans. 
"here take a picture of me for the blog!"
If you are on a "staycation" in Oklahoma this spring break, make a trip to Guthrie. The hipster/historic town has some fun spots to explore!
xo annie