Bites of My Life

I sat down to put together my "bites" post this week and didn't have a single picture on camera roll from the past week. It was a fairly busy week so I suppose that can be the reasoning for lack of pictures, but I couldn't pass up on my weekly bites post.
This week is a little different, I'm mimicking after Clara from Channeling Contessa and her Weekend Wishes posts. Below are things I've found on the internet the past week. Things I want to make, read, wear and decorate.
-I have had the biggest craving for salmon recently. Saw this recipe for feta and pesto salmon. With three of my favorite things, this recipe has to be good!
-A friend introduced me to the food blog Ambitious Kitchen this summer. It is quickly becoming my go to for recipes! Monique loves to do yoga, make healthy ingredient dishes, but also indulge. Me too girl, me too. Her recipe from last year for pumpkin bagels has me drooling. Read Monique's blog, I know you'll love it!
-After shopping in Dallas last weekend, I realized I gravitated toward anything with leather on it. Sweaters pants, purses, anything! I am loving the leather trend this year and this short sleeve cognac leather top!
-The most fun part of last week is that I signed a lease on a house with three of my funnest friends! We won't live there for another year, but we are all giddy with ideas for how we want to decorate! I love chalkboard walls and think our little kitchen would be the perfect place to incorporate one! Check out our new Pinterest board for more of our ideas!
This post isn't as personal as usual, but I kind of like the change to show you more of what I've been inspired by this past week instead of everything I've been up to! Hope everyone has a great week!
xo annie