Bites of My Life

The weeks are getting busier and busier with school being in full swing. Last week there was lots of fun and lots of studying. Sometimes/most of the time I strongly dislike studying, but when I have the perfect study spot and study snacks it's not so bad! 
Once I got through my busy week, OU had a morning football game. This meant one thing, a breakfast tailgate. There were donuts, chick-n-minis, pigs in a blanket and queso because no tailgate is complete without queso. It was the perfect way to kick off the day. 
To round out the weekend, I picked up my sister at 7:15 Sunday morning so we could be second in line at Target for the Philip Lim collection. More on that tomorrow, but I snuck away with two great purses!
-Trying out the new Chocolate Chai Tea Latte! I personally loved it!
-These new Evolution granola bars Starbucks is caring are delicious! I've only tried the Almond Cocoa, but I can't stray away! I'm typically not a huge granola bar fan, but these are so good and keep you full for a mid-day snack!
-If you missed my flourless almond butter cookies or vegan pumpkin bread recipes last week, you must check them out! 
-I spent most of my day at work cutting yards of yarn. Sounds tedious, but my bosses turned these strands of yarn into the coolest window display!
-Our tailgate mid-feasting.
I have another busy week to get through, then this weekend I am going home for the first time since before school started! I can't wait to veg on my parents big comfy couch and use my mom's fully stocked kitchen!
xo annie