Sunday morning started at about 6:45 a.m. when my alarm went off. I threw on my most comfortable shopping clothes then jumped in the car (coffee in hand obviously) to go pick up my sister. 
We arrived to the OKC Target by 7:30. It wasn't too surprising to see we were only second in line. Oklahoma doesn't quite know greatness when it happens. Philip Lim's collection for Target was greatness.
sitting, waiting, wishing 
We anxiously awaited until they unlocked the doors at 8:00, by this time there was a little more of a line behind us. Being the crazy shoppers everyone was, we took off running.
we dug through piles of purses still on the stock carts
Kathleen and I had a plan of attack. We pretty much have the same taste so we made a plan to grab two of anything we liked. We met back up with a huge pile of clothes and arms full of purses.
favorites in hand...to the register!
I was really only interested in the purses, and happily found two I loved! kathleen snagged a tote, dress and skirt!

by 8:30 my stomach was growling, so pumpkin spice m&m's seemed like an appropriate choice to curb my appetite!

Below are the mini satchel and taupe tote I walked away with! I'm very pleased with my purchases. Even after my stress a few weeks ago to find the perfect fall bag, I knew in the back of my mind I wanted to wait to see the Philip Lim bags. Good thing I waited!
If you weren't quite as ambitious to be at Target bright and early Sunday morning I encourage you to go see what's left! I was underwhelmed by the clothes but all of the bags were fabulous!