Foodie Crush

Monday morning the newest issue of Foodie Crush hit the web! I had actually never heard of Foodie Crush until my sister tweeted at me about it. Foodie is my middle name, so I instantly started researching to find out what this "Foodie Crush" was all about. 
Heidi Larsen is the mastermind behind this online food magazine. She came up with the idea from combining two of her favorite things, food blogs and food magazines. Heidi has her on food blog, but puts together this seasonal online mag to feature her recent foodie crushes. 
The summer's issue includes an article on Teen Bloggers, recipes for summer popsicles, Fair inspired food and a feature on The Big Potluck (a forum for bloggers on the West coast).
The Teen Bloggers section was my favorite. Out of the 6 featured, all are under the age of 20. I discovered Izy from Top With Cinnamon a couple weeks ago. Izy is 17, lives in London, and has the most drool worthy pictures on her blog. 
Lisey was another favorite I discovered. She is 10 years old. Yes, 10, and already has her own food blog. My favorite thing on her blog is the "About Me" section. Lisey is home schooled, has an older brother and two younger sisters, likes to fold origami, read American Girl books and is a lot like her mom. Lisey sounds like me at age 10. I was just starting to bake and was an American Girl fanatic! I can't wait to try her recipe for chocolate chip coffee muffins.
I love reading about Heidi's foodie crushes, but I have my own as well. My top three foodie crushes are consistently The Pioneer Woman, Joy the Baker and How Sweet It Is! These are the sites I go to first when looking for a recipe!
Read the current issue of Foodie Crush here.
Foodies Unite!
xo annie