Bites of My Life

Summer is on the downhill slope, and I am trying to pack it all in before I have to go back to school. This week included hot temperatures, home cooking, a best friend lunch, a store opening, and the John Mayer concert. Only two weeks left till it's back to the grind.
{Bites of My Life}
{lots of food pictures this week}
-Cupcakes, green tea and popsicles for a cool afternoon treat at my favorite bakery!
-In dire need of a trip to the grocery store, but managed to whip up this stir fry with the only things we had in the fridge! (brown rice, red onion, corn, spinach and broccoli)
-Smoked salmon sandwich for lunch at Kitchen No. 324. The perfect spot to dish about life with my two best friends! 
-My parents were in Seattle over the fourth where they got to eat some of the best seafood. Lucky for me they had some shipped home! Fresh scallops, shrimp and herb spaghetti all from Pikes Place Market.
-My best gal pals and I all in Dallas to see John Mayer. 
-Perfect night for an outdoor concert!

xo annie