Links for Your Weekend

Wahoo it's Friday! I have a spontaneous trip to Fort Worth planned for the weekend! I'm looking forward to lot's of girl time, laying by the pool, and good food! I'm sure my Instagram will be constantly uploaded with pictures over the weekend! For now, enjoy some links to things I'm loving around the web this week!
1. Emily's roundup of her favorite Fourth of July treats! I can't resist the sweet and salty combo of a chocolate dipped pretzel!
2. Yesterday The Everygirl showed how-to style wire shelves. If you are like me, you probably had one of these in your dorm room. Use this how-to to transform it into your current space!
3. 10 ways to style cut-offs. Cut-offs are a summer staple in my wardrobe. To my mother's despair, my favorites are an old pair high waisted ones from Goodwill! 
4. I recently subscribed to The Skimm. It is a daily email that sends you the short version of the important news headlines. They also break it down in terms that make it easy to understand!
5. 5 ways to perfect the art of a brain freeze. Call me crazy but I love brain freezes because brain freezes mean ice cream, and popsicles, and milkshakes etc!
6. Target's summer Pinterest board #summerup! All things summery in one place.
7. Ashely Brooke's newest mug design! Too legit to quit.

xo annie