Bites While You Watch

Put in a movie, take a bite, and stay awhile. I got the idea for this post from Emily's food and movie pairings post from a few weeks ago. I wanted to create my own version using some of my favorite movies and the food that reminds me of them. Use these bite ideas to take your next movie night up a notch. 

Dan in Real Life--fluffy stack of pancakes

I sometimes like to watch movies on Saturday mornings and Dan in Real Life is my favorite to do so with. Fluffy pancakes like the ones Marie makes in the movie are the perfect dish to pair with this good for your soul movie. 

Don't ask but, "I don't want to go, with, the pig, face" is one of my sister and I's favorite movie quotes. You probably don't even remember what part of the movie it's from but we find ourselves referencing it a lot. I told you, just don't ask. 

It's Complicated--french croque monsieur

One of my all time favorites! Whip up these fancy croque monsieurs for you and someone special like Meryl Streep does for Steve Martin. If your feeling crazy, they can be followed by "warm chocolate croissants," Meryl's specialty in the movie!

Mystic Pizza--take out pizza

An oldie, but a new favorite of mine after my boss from this summer recommended it to me. Mystic Pizza sets the scene for the perfect girls night in. The title says it all but take-out pizza is the required food pairing.

Father of the Bride--hot dogs

You might think I'd choose something a little classier, like wedding cake, but I love the scene when George Banks loses it in the super market "because some big-shot over at the wiener company got together with some big-shot over at the bun company and decided to rip off the American public!"

Father of the Bride is family favorite movie, perfect for grilling out then crowding on the couch to watch this classic. I'll go ahead and guess FOTB will be on repeat in the coming season with Kathleen getting married, we love to refer to my dad as George Banks. Try  this  recipe for homemade buns to classy your dogs up a bit. 

Because I Said So-big bowl of single girl pasta

Because I said so is my ultimate, night to myself, movie. The opener of the movie shows Mandy Moore and Diane Keaton both in their homes cooking up a big bowl of pasta and a big glass of red wine. Every time I watch this movie I wish I had a big bowl of pasta to accompany me. 

One Fine Day--frozen hot chocolate

"one fine day, you'll look at me, and you will know, our love was, meant to beeeeee" 

This movie used to always come on ABC Family when I was growing up. I always think of New York and Serendipity's Frozen hot chocolate when I think of this movie. Since I'm thousands of miles away from Serendipity, this recipe has me intrigued. Nothing compares to a good movie and a yummy sweet treat!

Do you have any food and movie pairings of your own? I'd love to hear them.