Bites of My Life

The fall rush is coming. School is caving in and I can feel the busyness of the holidays upon me. Last week was breakfast with mom and dad, a pie competition, a chili competition and a big birthday. This week is momma's bday, Halloween and two tests. 
I've said it before but I love using my bites posts to see what I was doing a year ago. Last year was a birthday brunch and more chili. Bites from a year ago and bites for today!
-Pumpkin Chobani. It's as good as it sounds.
-Monday morning with these kids started the week off right!
-My favorite event of the year, Chili Cook-Off. Serving up Kappa's chili with my gal pals.
-Mini photoshoot with Beaded by W on Friday. Love being creative with her!
-Finally tried making Blue Moon Cupcakes (used this recipe for the cake and this recipe for the frosting). My Blue Moon-loving roomie's 21st birthday was the perfect occasion to try these out.
-Veggie quinoa fried rice. My Sunday night groove.  
Hello goodbye October.