LC's Barbie Dream Home

Oh LC: my icon, my girl crush, my muse. Not only did Lauren Conrad just have the most perfect wedding and marry the most handsome man, but she also recently let InStyle magazine take a peek inside her fabulous Beverly Hills penthouse. It's a far step above Barbie, but it does have that dream home feel to it. 
Lauren mentions that she styles her home like she styles her clothes. Lot's of neutrals and investment pieces. 

If only LC and I could sit at that breakfast nook together with oatmeal and coffee and gab about Laguna, Stephen, Teen Vogue and Speidi...

Her touches of mustard yellow have me swooning. I love how she gives this often dated color a sense of glamour and chicness. 

I did a little digging and found some before pictures of her penthouse. She bought the space back in the Spring of 2012, but has completely transformed it since. Proof that LC's taste is as impeccable as ever.

It's safe to say LC gave this penthouse the elegance it deserves. With a view of the 90210 like that, you have to have an interior to match! Bravo Lauren, you have impressed us once again. 

View the full story & video on InStyle or in the current October issue. You can also get her look with inspired pieces from Brit+Co's post!
How would you design your dream home? Mine would defiantly have a breakfast nook just like Lauren, a kitchen the size of Texas, a walk in closet, a bathtub and be decorated in navy, white and gold!