The Locations, The People, and The Drama Are Real

Name that reality show. Ever since middle school when I started watching LC on Laguna Beach it's been my dream to go visit the coastal town. Eight years later and mom and pop made my vacation dreams come true. We were actually in Newport Beach just north of Laguna. To my surprise I liked it even better than Laguna! 

Since the trip I've been watching Laguna Beach and Newport Harbor trying to pick up on more spots I may recognize now. Mom too! I loaded up on episodes for us to watch on the plane ride home. I may or may not have bought a shirt at Laguna Surf & Sport....come on I had to support Stephen's old place of work. If you are ever taking a trip to either, consult me. Mom, dad and I all agreed we did it just right. We were there the perfect amount of town, visited each important area, got just enough beach and pool time and hit up all the best restaurants.

Started the trip on a sweet note with donuts from Roses. Seriously amazing maple old fashioned.

The perfect fuel for our bike ride all up and down Balboa Peninsula.

Took the ferry over the harbor for some more exploring. Got a frozen banana from, a staple for any trip to Balboa apparently.

Headed back into Newport to get the tuna and salmon poke from Bear Flag Fish Co.

Spent the rest of the day by the pool with a mojito in hand!

Amazing dinner at Javier's! I'm talking lobster enchiladas!!

Morning walk at Crystal Cove to walk off all the chips and salsa.

The whole Crystal Cove beach area had this 1950's Gilligan's Island feel to it, we loved it.  

Suckered dad into a healthy breakfast after our walk. This pink smoothie was all his decision.

I got a pink breakfast too, but went with the Pitaya bowl from Nekter. Recreating asap. 

Healthy breakfast was squashed after this, but lunch at Ruby's Shake Shack on the beach was no question. 

Dinner at The Beachcomber while the sun is setting is pretty hard to beat.

And to think I'm not a beach person...

With recommendations, we found ourselves the next morning at the most perfect breakfast spot.

Zinc Cafe and Market was giving me all kinds of inspiro for the kind of place I'd love to open someday.

Our orders were delivered and I immediately pulled out my phone. My parents were very patient with my food pictures this trip.

The streets don't look like this in Oklahoma. 

Spent all Saturday popping around Laguna. Unfortunately no Kristen, Stephen or LC sightings. Dinner at 230 Forest Avenue made up for it. Those are oysters with pomegranate granita btw. 

My cioppino was just a take a bite picture waiting to happen.

Full to our necks, but gelato was a must for our last night of the trip. 

Zinc day two because I was so obsessed. Who else has always wanted to eat an egg like this? Stinking cute.

Finally one last bite of the trip at Bear Flag. A repeat restaurant stop because it was that good too. Fish tacos this time and amazing pico and chips. I got hooked on Have'A chips at home little to know they are made right here in Laguna! 

Props to mom and dad for being the best travel partners and props to southern California for stealing my heart. Good thing we all agreed we must go back next summer, oops!


Bites of My Life

California dreamin' and lovin'. I'm on a high after our trip to SoCal. For not being the biggest beach person, I think California just sold me. I had done all my research on best restaurants, things to do and even compiled a list of all the hot places the cast of Laguna Beach and Newport Harbor were spotted at. I love it, don't judge me. 
Just mom, dad and I soaking up the California sun. I'd take a vacation with my parents any day. Today is a just a peak at some of my favorite California bites, stay tuned for the full recap tomorrow. 
-Started the Cali bites off right with donuts at coffee.
-First adventure of the trip was riding bikes around Balboa Island. We heard a stop at Dad's for a frozen banana was a was, even if it was 10 in the morning. 
-Spent almost every afternoon at the pool with a good book and drink in hand. This trip finally got me back into reading. 
-Morning walks on the beach were a must. 
-Convinced my parents into a healthier breakfast option on day 2. The pitaya bowl from Nekter is getting recreated asap. That and pretty much everything else I ate. 
-Put our healthy breakfast to shame with burgers and hot dogs on the beach. 
-Dinner on the beach with the best travel companions. 
-Fell in love with the cutest market and cafe I made my parents go two days in a row. 
-You don't get this kind of view on walks in Oklahoma. 
-Color crush on this whole trip. The beach, the people and the food was all full of color. 
-Literally take a bite.
-Last bite in Cali at the best fish taco spot with ulti chips and salsa. 

LC's Barbie Dream Home

Oh LC: my icon, my girl crush, my muse. Not only did Lauren Conrad just have the most perfect wedding and marry the most handsome man, but she also recently let InStyle magazine take a peek inside her fabulous Beverly Hills penthouse. It's a far step above Barbie, but it does have that dream home feel to it. 
Lauren mentions that she styles her home like she styles her clothes. Lot's of neutrals and investment pieces. 

If only LC and I could sit at that breakfast nook together with oatmeal and coffee and gab about Laguna, Stephen, Teen Vogue and Speidi...

Her touches of mustard yellow have me swooning. I love how she gives this often dated color a sense of glamour and chicness. 

I did a little digging and found some before pictures of her penthouse. She bought the space back in the Spring of 2012, but has completely transformed it since. Proof that LC's taste is as impeccable as ever.

It's safe to say LC gave this penthouse the elegance it deserves. With a view of the 90210 like that, you have to have an interior to match! Bravo Lauren, you have impressed us once again. 

View the full story & video on InStyle or in the current October issue. You can also get her look with inspired pieces from Brit+Co's post!
How would you design your dream home? Mine would defiantly have a breakfast nook just like Lauren, a kitchen the size of Texas, a walk in closet, a bathtub and be decorated in navy, white and gold!