In a Flash

So my dad has one rule. If any of us are to ever get a tattoo we have to get two. The first can be whatever we want and the second has to be 'stupid' across our forehead. Don't worry dad, you drilled that into my head to make me never want to get a tattoo. Although, temporary tattoos are excluded from that rule. 

Flash tattoos have quickly been popping up everywhere. Sister Claire and I first saw them at my favorite store in D.C. Wink, (that I also mentioned here) when she was here visiting. We instantly loved them and bought a package to split. 

Since purchasing, I've seen them all over. The tattoos come in 9 different packages. I've loved mine and they are a great conversation starter to say the least when someone sees them. I even had a girl comment on them in my Barre 3 class in the middle of push-pulls...that was a new one. 

Follow along with my awkward dorm bathroom pictures as I go through the obvious steps to putting on temporary tattoos. (It seemed like a much cooler idea at the time, now I feel slightly dumb for assuming someone doesn't know how to put on a temporary tattoo).

To my experience they stay on for about a solid week. They are bringing back to the whole 90's childhood thing that is resurfacing in a much cooler way. 

You can order your own Flash Tattoos here!