Bites of My Life

I just love this place. The weeks are always good and I feel like I just repeat myself when I say "we ate good stuff, did fun things blah blah blah" but it's the truth! Take a bite out last week!
-Monday night ice cream! A scoop of green tea and a scoop of snicker doodle cookie dough!
-Toki Underground is rated the best ramen and one of the best restaurants in D.C. It was high on our list of places to eat at but the line is always at least an hour long. We found out you can get it to-go as long as you order it a day in advance. My kimchi ramen was definitely worth the day wait!
-I squealed a bit inside when I walked into the locker room at Barre 3 and saw someone with the same SCOUT bag as me! I quickly pushed them together and positioned them to get the perfect shot before anyone noticed!
-My job has tons of perks, but one of my favorite is Brain Food Friday! This week we got complimentary Sweet Green salads! I of course got the spicy thai tofu salad.
-Sangria and Jazz in the Garden on Friday night.
-My sweet roommate Sydney leaves today:( We had an action packed week and weekend to fit in some last minute things she wanted to do!
-Cheers to such a fun summer and dessert the size of our heads! The apple pie and chocolate mousse bowl from Founding Farmers sufficed our sweet tooth to say the least.
-Saturday brunch was equally our favorite brunch spot to date. The delightful Le Diplomate fulfilled all expectations. Bread basket, mac and cheese, cappuccinos, mushroom tart and smoked salmon were a few of our French dishes. 
-#myscoutbag accompanied me to Alexandria for a day by the pool!
-On our way back into the city form Virginia we had our uber drop us off at the Jefferson Monument. It was very surreal and so cool seeing it at night. 
-GBD was recommended to me for their donuts and fried chicken. The combo had me skeptical, but there is absolutely no reason to be a skeptic. My doughreo (oreo donut filled with oreo cream) was the perfect sweet finish to Saturday night. Also pictured are the glazed and nutella crunch.
-Ted's Bulletin was the brunch spot for Sunday. It might rival Farmers Fishers Bakers as being my new favorite D.C. restaurant. The old timey music and decor totally swung me. It was very all-american and felt very old school D.C. My blueberry cream cheese pop tart also helped. 
So excited for the short week to be ended with the 4th of July in the most patriotic city!