Bites of My Life

I was talking with two friends this morning about how I always get “in my feelings” after traveling. Something about seeing another part of the country, how other people live, being inspired by new scenery, and have long flights on either end with little to do but just think. Well, it always gets me thinking. Coming off being in LA for one of my best friend’s (and twin in KKG) wedding, has me thinking do I move? When do I go back? I posted this image on instagram today with the caption “plotting my return.” Kind of kidding kind of serious. The feeling typically passes after I’ve gotten back into my routine and realize how great my life in Oklahoma City is, but still. Does anyone else feel like this after traveling? Looking back at one of my past bites posts after I was in SoCal last fall, shows I clearly had the same thoughts..

Not pictured below, but a huge part of last week was last minute scoring cheap tickets to see Hozier. I’ve been a fan since his beginning, but I’m wildly obsessed with his new album. I had looked up the set list prior and was excited by the list, but sad to see he wasn’t singing one of my favorites. To my surprise, in the encore, he mentioned that they were going to sing a song they had never sung live before. Low and behold they sung “To Make Noise,” and I squealed. Proof is saved in my music story highlight on instagram.

Then it was off to Los Angeles for a wedding weekend for the books. Kick off cocktails Thursday, followed by dinner at SUR (Vanderpump Rules anyone?). Brunch and exploring Venice on Friday and a welcome party at Catch LA. Then lunch at The Ivy Saturday and shopping in West Hollywood before the main event at the Beverly Hills Hotel. We were slumming it in an AirBnB with 14 people, yet still felt like a celebrity driving up and down Sunset Blvd. all weekend.


-Back on the smoothie game in a strong way. Last week’s recipe was tart cherries, frozen cauliflower, vanilla protein, water, then cinnamon, maca, ashwagandha, and ground flax for hormonal health.
-She’s twelve now I swear! JK she’s not even two yet, but seeing Elle moved into her “big girl” room made her instantly age 10 years on me!
-Since I was leaving Thursday of last week, I didn’t buy new groceries and was scraping out the last bits of groceries. I’ve been trying to stay stocked on staples like chickpeas, brown rice, and sweet potatoes which in turn resulted in a delicious clean out the fridge meal before leaving town.
-Made it to Beverly Hills for #ShesAlwaysBennett and headed straight for the Pink Palace on Sunset Blvd.
-Skipped the notable McCarthy salad (sorry Molly!!) for a classic club sandwich, poolside, to kick off the California eats! Needed carbs after hours without eating from traveling!
-Spent Friday bopping around Venice and Santa Monica. I’d spent about an hour in Venice last fall and was excited to go back. We did brunch at The Butcher’s Daughter which did not disappoint. Santa Monica however kind if did. Too busy and commercialized for what I had envisioned.
-Saturday brunch at The Ivy. An absolute must if you are going to LA. I ordered the grilled vegetable salad, but heard the burger is unbeatable.
-Maybe it was just because we were in Los Angeles, but felt boarder line celebrity getting my hair done and all dressed up! All the feels seeing one of my best friends get married in one of the best locations.
-Finished book #4 and #5 of 2019 over the weekend. Save your time on Girl, Stop Apologizing. I bought into Girl, Wash Your Face by Rachel Hollis and would still recommend it, but GSA was not my cup of tea, turns out followers on instagram agreed after I shared my thoughts.


Salad bite: While researching the McCarthy’s salad to link it above, I found this article about Hollywood’s 5 Favorite Salads. Looks like I really do need to go back to LA to cross a few more off my list.