Bites of My Life

Spring is truly in the air. I started my week last week, working outside in the sun, running outside (yes running, and yes outside), and enjoying the above 60 temps we had everyday. The week also started by replacing my Monday Bachelor nights with Monday book club! Our inaugural book club was a hit and I can’t wait for our second in April. The work week went by fast and the weekend came with plenty fun events. A wedding shower, an all day birthday celebration and a killer avocado benedict!


-I like to buy a kombucha every Sunday. I drink about 1/2 Sunday and 1/2 Monday to get my digestion back out of whack from the weekend. Health-Ade and their unique flavors have been my jam lately.
-First book club officially in the books (pun intended)! We just finished reading Educated and are working through Girl Stop Apologizing for Book #2. This is the scene before everyone came over…
-…and this is after. We did a BYOsalad topping theme potluck alongside lots of cheese, crackers and cookies. Because the food is just as important as the reading material!
-Oats are back on my radar! My steel cut oat hack is 1/4 oats to 3/4 water soaked overnight. In the morning bring to a boil, then simmer for 10 minutes. Serve with cinnamon, maca, cashews and gogi berries!
-My sweet sweet Ashley/co-worker/work wife/sound board surprised me with this little pot of blooms last week to brighten up my desk.
-Gluten-Free & Dairy-Free Perfect CCCs are here!
-I have a weakness for Jordan almonds. I bought them for an Easter decoration, but my “decoration” isn’t going to last with me eating them all.
-I still print photo prints for photo albums. Anyone else?
-One last celebration for our Cali bride before we head to LA next weekend for her big day!