Bites of My Life

Last week looked like breakfast for dinner and chocolate for dinner, combined with busy work days gearing up for a fun weekend. Looking into this week, I think the week may be very similar. Emphasis on the chocolate for dinner with Valentine’s Day being this week. Cue the sweets! I’ve already made a batch of Perfect CCC’s to share at work and at a meeting I have tonight. More cookies and Thin Mint brownies are also on the baking menu for the week.

bites 287.jpg

-S_B is for beauty!
-Fun fact: I highlight my hair about twice a year, but I’ve only professional colored my hair once. Yes that is right, anytime I color my hair, my sister does it. It’s amazing what a $15 platinum highlight kit from Walgreens can do. I wanted a more all over color this time so I used Madison Reed. Anyone heard of it? This was my second time using their at home color kit. It’s extremely easy and foolproof in my opinion, but both times the color has not turned out how i wanted. It’s a little hard to tell but my hair is now taking on more of a strawberry blonde affect. Looks like we need to add some blonde highlights back in after all Kathleen!
-Dinner last week was breakfast for dinner. Sautéed “breakfast” sweet potatoes with 2 scrambled Vital Farm eggs on Siete tortillas with avo, salsa and chives!
-Not lying when I say I genuinely look forward to my morning celery juice. I do 8 oz over ice every morning post-workout, pre-food.
-Any sunbutter fans out there? I have tried but I am not. I wanted to love these sunbutter cups from TJ’s but I took one bite then threw them away. I’ve even bought a jar from TJ’s and returned it because I hated it.
-Year two judging Chocolate Decadence benefiting Automobile Alley with these two OKC foodies.
-Finally got to try Osteria this weekend. I went with the special, but for mainstays I would recommend the octopus, truffle potato skins and lemon and thyme cocktail.
-Leaning tower of tuna for a Saturday sushi lunch.
-Target impulse buy/Saturday snack was this Mint Chocolate Chip Cado ice cream. Texture was on point for being dairy free and vegan but would not buy again.
-Celebrating our Cali couple Oklahoma style.
-What Sunday morning should look like: eggs with a big side of hash browns!
-And what Sunday evening should also look like. I’ve been getting into a self-care routine of taking an epsom salt bath every Sunday night and it truly is the best way to detox from the weekend and start the new week.


web bite: Seth Meyer’s get’s Ina Garten drunk and it is amazing.