Bites of My Life

Ya so Bites happening on Monday morning is becoming harder and harder. But let's take a bite on this fine Tuesday evening and pretend like it's Monday morning - ya? Ya! 

While I'm also feeling lazy and have a migraine from staring at my screen all day we are going to keep it short and sweet and let the pictures do the talking!

bites 253.jpg

-This bowl on repeat last week, AND this week. Inspired by The Define Dish's Greek Grilled Chicken Bowl.
-Perks of living with a teacher are getting to take advantage of her "Teacher Appreciation Week" gifts. Every recipe in Joanna Gains book is perfection.
-Apple + Coconut fruit bar from TJs. Like a Larabar but no nuts. Under $1 too! Been stashing these in my car and work bag per Kathleen's suggestion. 
-Super basic dinner, super satisfying, and super delicious. Just chicken sausage, steamed broccoli and vine ripened tomatoes! 
-Friends since high school and now celebrating med school graduation for Kristen! To Duke she goes for residency!
-Prepped a bunch of Perfect CCCs to take to the lake this weekend. When I prep ahead I go ahead and roll into balls, then freeze on cookie trays, then transfer frozen balls to a big ziplock. Then when it's time to bake you aren't having to thaw out a whole tupperware of dough. Just set the balls of dough out on sheet trays while your over preheats to let come to temp a bit!
-Bootcamp in 90 degree heat is no joke, but v worth it.
-Grill out numero dos of the weekend. Not mad about it!